The Casablanca Company for hotels and tourism projects is one of the most prestigious companies that possess many hotels and tourist facilities in the Western Region. The company is known for many of the services provided in the hotel area specially holding concerts and events because it enjoys distinctive elegance in menus and provides quality taste with higher standard services to satisfy its customers.  The company owns several hotels of different rating (five stars – four stars – three stars) in the Western Region in addition to its latest project in the city of Jeddah, Casablanca Grand five-star Hotel on Madina Road in front of Mall of Arabia. With the opening of the latest hotel in the Group in Makkah, Casablanca Takamul hotel in Kudi area  on the Third Ring Road as well as logistic services provided through catering by the Group branches (Jeddah / Makkah / Taif) and logistic services in the Holy Places through Casablanca catering factory. It is considered the first factory of its kind in Makkah that wins ISO 22000 Award in the quality, safety of food and Moody Award for quality. In addition to implementing several tourism programs and the issuance of domestic and international airline tickets through Casablanca Agency for travel and tourism with special offers and programs to the clients of the group and clients of the concerts besides numerous discounts and special prices for different countries arraend the world.

Casablanca Hotel and Tourism Services Ltd.

*Casablanca Grand Hotel- Jeddah
*Casablanca Hotel – Jeddah
*Casablanca  Royel Hotel – Jeddah
*Casablanca Takamul Hotel – Makka
*Casablanca Hotel  – Makka
*Casablanca Palace Hotel – Makka
*Casablanca Hotel  – Taif
*Ambassadors suites – Jeddah
*Modern Palace Suites – Jeddah
*Casablanca Palace Hall Banquet and conferences  – Makka
* Hayyt Rose Hall for Banquet and conferences  – Taif
*Casablanca Agecy For Travel and Tourism – Jeddah
*Casablanca factory  For Food supply and Catreing – Makka
*Casablanca Contracting Company – Jeddah
*Casablanca for operation and maintenance – Jeddah